Nose surgery results
Nose surgery results

Love Your Scars

It Will Make You Unstoppable!

Love your scars?
Well New Nose, Who DIS!?

Even though it’s still swollen And I have my stitches in I can breathe better than I ever have and functionally as well as cosmetically it is a huge boost of confidence to not have the hooked bulb that was working against my airflow. They went in and used cartilage from my right ear to rebuild and stabilize the sinus cavity and restructure the nasal passages where it connects to the the air ducts, cavities, and septum all internally down to the nostril.

I am amazed by the work that Dr.Peter’s and his team at Raleigh Capital Ear, Nose, and Throat did and I literally teared up and said I can almost breathe too easy now. It reminds me of Hiking at High Altitudewith thin air that flows so effortlessly now which I am forever grateful.

I still have a long road of recovery ahead to let my body naturally produce a healthy lubricated new lining of the nose, the stitches need to come out next week after we let the everything set for another week, swelling needs to go down significantly, we are working on controlling the nose bleeds which now that the stints are out should be much easier, besides the shocking amount of unexpected high level of pain likely due to to the significant amount of work that was done I feel amazing and I am so happy for my new lease on life and  breathing and saying goodbye to the frequent sinus infections, and sinus headaches, and barring a miracle this could even remedy my migraines!

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I don’t have any issue with self image… Anymore..

Love Your Scars Yet?

But today brought up a lot of thoughts and emotions that I wanted to make sure I took the time to write out, the significance of why will hopefully make sense by the time you finish reading this.

As a child who was diagnosed with an incurable heart disease I can attest to the fact that it came with a lifetime supply of Scars!

The notion to Love your scars is one that takes an interesting path.

There is a cycle I recognize when it comes to new scars.

1. The “It’s not so bad” phase

Often a morale boost from an onlooker or close family member doing their best to offer you encouragement. If you are old enough to know what the hell is going on, you buy into the charade. Partly because you desperately want to believe them and partly because you are blind with irrational naivety, so you do believe them.

Love your scar, it’s not so bad. Quite the morale boost huh?

Until you don’t anymore which then brings us to the next phase.

2. The “Any scar worth getting is worth covering” phase

Whether it’s wearing a T-shirt in the pool, buying expensive coverup creams and makeup, or covering your scars with shame and guilt.

How could you love your scar right?

This is where I got stuck at a young age. Not looking like everyone and embracing your uniqueness is something that comes with time, experience, and maturity.

But when you see a scar simply as a scar, as a disfigurement of the skin it’s easy to make the jump to self associating with a leper. The harsh reality is that there are people who will not always react in the kindest ways to our scars but it is also not your job to condone criticism.

Follow the children, children will be the first to call out someone for looking different but usually for the most beautiful of ways. While your presence might be mark known to an adult who catches a glimpse a child sees you, they pick you out, and they want to understand why you are different. Not simply why you look the way you do. 

That is a beautiful way to look at our scars, and our next phase.

3. The “own your identity” phase

Newsflash, how you look isn’t who you are; there is a story that you earned behind every scar, stretch mark,  blemish, muscle, disproportionate body part, whatever.

Love Your Scars = Love Yourself!

When we recognize that the scars on our body are often the souvenirs of a war once waged we get to dismiss the shame and guilt and judgment. Because where someone sees a scar, we see strength, we see a reminder, we see possibilities, we see a road journeyed.

And the best part is you get to control the narrative, I remember my mom feeling me a Story about watching me in the dugout of my little league baseball game stand in front of all the other boys and take my shirt off only for her to later that evening get dozens of alarming calls from parents that I was telling everyone that I got the scar from getting my tonsils removed ( I was a creative little shit)

Or the time I convinced someone I tripped and fell on a chainsaw, or spring break 1999 when I told a girl I literally had my heart broken ( again funny , but a little shit)

And that brings us to our final phase,

4. The “any scar worth getting is worth showing” phase

I Love my scars and you can Love Your Scars Too!
I have scars on my chest from heart surgeries, I have a scar on my throat from getting my thyroid removed, I have a scar over my left eye from when my head went through the windshield of my convertible during a head on collision, I have a scar on my left leg from when my leg got stuck in the motorcycle chain after flipping the bike and it falling in me,  I have a scar on my left arm from when i  won a bet in college that I could let a cigarette go out on my arm before dropping my arm ( I was an idiot, I’m aware), a scar on my knee from when I tried to stop my body from rolling down a mountain with my knee on a boulder, the faint scar of a lip ring my dad pulled out after I went all in on my pink phase, the scar from the not so healed Helix Piercing I got in Myrtle Beach, and now I will add the crescent moon naked to eye columellar scar under my nose which will surely fade and is largely hidden inside the nose.

I have been frail and withering away extremely underweight, I have been grossly overweight, I have gone through some pretty questionable clothing styles, hair styles, and at one point could of been a poster child for Proactiv, and throughout all of that I have always had a huge nose. It’s magical accessory that it came with is what i liked to call a pelicans beak. (Self deprecating humor is allowed when we get to the moral of the story and it results in self love, it’s a growing phase stick with me people!)

But ironically in 2010 when my life fell apart. A year and a half into a marriage, with a 9 month old daughter, the heaviest I had ever been in my life, something clicked in me. I didn’t care what anyone thought but me and that’s when I made the first attempt at creating a healthy lifestyle. On my own, for me, by me, learning as I went along, I lost 60 lbs in 3 months. I went from repulsed by my own sight to getting my first modeling photo gig. I accepted who I was. What I look like, and the roles I have in that process. A month before my first model shoot my ex wife left me. For someone she met at the gym, (she started getting in shape after seeing me go for it and got a job at the gym)

This didn’t takeaway from my focus on my fitness or my self image. In fact since 2010 the only reason why I have ever gotten out of shape has been due to medical conditions beyond my control. Most people know me as someone who is physically fit or someone who accomplished great physical feats in spite of my health journey and that is the story my scars tell. And why I am so confident in my own skin no matter how I look. Plus…

Chicks dig scars!

What Your Purpose Is And How To Live Life With Meaning, warrior of impact
What Your Purpose Is And How To Live Life With Meaning, warrior of impact

Love Your Scars

I hope you know that this journey is one that we all go through whether it’s scars or self image. I am someone who has been there and has dealt with my own journey of self image as well as facing demons and giants as big and bigger. I would love to work with you and help you rewrite the narrative that supports the life you were always meant to live. You can sign up for a FREE Consultation here: 

I hope that through reading this article you have a better understanding of the effects that self image can have on our lives and maybe realize that you are not alone in how you encounter scars and “disfigurement”.

 I say this with confidence that there is a warrior inside of you ready to fight back against anything that does not serve you. If you are ready to embrace that warrior visit our website and check out all of the different ways that you can join our tribe and that we can serve you. 

Michael Rolon

Warrior Of Impact

Michael Rolon is the Owner/founder of Warrior Of Impact Coaching and works directly with individuals looking to find their purpose in life and he helps them make a greater impact. As a Full-Time single Dad and Entrepreneur, Michael is passionate about serving single parents, current and would-be entrepreneurs, and current and future leaders. For more information or to schedule a consult check out our contact page: