My Story

Journey of A Warrior
Michael Rolon

Michael Rolon

Here is the Readers Digest Version of my story:
– I was born with a rare Incurable Heart disease
– At 16 months old, I had my first Open Heart Surgery
– I had my second Open Heart Surgery at 7 years old; Flatlined for the first time on the operating table
– At 8 years old, I had my third Open Heart Surgery
– At 9 years old, I had Emergency and 4th Open Heart Surgery
-At 19 years old, I had Emergency and 5th Open Heart Surgery
– During 5th Surgery, I experienced complications having the first of many Strokes
– I was paralyzed for a year after this stroke, I had to learn how to use my body again through grueling hours of therapy
– At 28 years old, I was diagnosed having Heart Failure
– In 2015, I experienced 9 heart attacks in 45 Days and had Thyroidectomy Surgery
– In 2017, I had two strokes leading me to my 6th heart surgery
– In 2019, after finding significant blockage, on April 1, 2019, I had my 7th Heart Surgery
– Throughout 2020, I had been dealing with a mysterious illness that presented with a constant fever that would last 11 months (during a pandemic where, having a fever was a scarlet letter)
– In December 2020, my heart went into a Tachycardia state meaning I was experiencing uncontrollable very fast heart rate; 2 days later, I had surgery on my Sinus Cavity to clear the airway
– In January 2021, I was losing consciousness, one episode caused me to fall downstairs and get a concussion; 2 weeks later, I experienced a seizure at home and was rushed to the ER. While in the ER, I had a Stroke.

Why a Warrior?

Hopefully, this helps you understand why I say that I am not a Survivor but a WARRIOR! I am sharing this with you to say that my Journey is constant and evolving.

Don’t get me wrong! I know it is A LOT and I have an amazing life!!! This journey has always been a beautiful life and I do not ever try to portray it as anything else. I have never been a “WHY ME?” person because of the perspective I have come to see about things like the beauty of life; the true strength that we are capable of, what love and compassion truly is, and so many other unique vantage points into our marbleized fragility as a gift of divine intervention.
And my greatest gift, the one that I am called to share is standing up proud as a WARRIOR that I’ve become and am. The ability to tap into that voice, energy, and drive making it my default setting. It’s the reason, I continue to push through the adversity; it’s the reason whatever the diagnosis I have been given my response is always the same; it’s the reason why my heart, in a figurative sense, has never hardened or became bitter despite being given that permission time and time again to let that happen. I am saying giving up is NOT an option because I have much more living to do and will strive to continue to make it happen.
Survivor as a word makes me feel like I’m not living my best life, and gives me this feeling of a completed narrative. I am living a full life, do not plan on stopping, and will be pushing through every obstacle and boundary with the same fortitude as a WARRIOR.