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I went from 1,000 followers to over 10,000 and monetized in 37 days!

What is it?


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If we learned one thing in 2020, it’s that we collectively love TikTok! During the last few months I decided to dig a little deeper into what makes TikTok work and the results have been amazing! I have been able to consistently grow my account, while also engaging with an ever growing audience. In short I have been able to build my very own community off of this app even with a relatively small audience and I want to teach you how to do the same.

Most courses and programs I have seen give you a how to overview of TikTok, take your money, and send you on your way! But with My TikTok Visibility Bootcamp you get weekly access to me on a weekly live Q&A session to be able to help you navigate through any speed bumps that get in your way!

The beauty of it is that this bootcamp is set up so you can find success with one hour of work a day and if you do all the work and after finishing the bootcamp you havent seen growth I will give you a 100% refund and allow you to keep the access to the training for life. There is no risk, If you do the work and don’t get the results you get your money back!

What is included?

  • Weekly Access to me on Live Q&A’s to help you get through some of the speed bumps along the way
  • Access to a Private Facebook group made up of other creators like you
  • A 90-day Educational Course that covers everything you need to know to get started and growing on TikTok
  • Weekly Trend Alerts
  • Content Prompts that work
  • Secret Tips and Tricks that no one talks about for growing and finding success on TikTok
  • Recognition in the community for new members
  • Recognition in the community for the video post of the week
  • Additional training opportunities
  • First access to new services
  • 100% Money-back Guarantee if you follow all the steps and don’t get results after 90 days


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Many TikTok courses go for $1200 and up for 30-day programs that don’t include direct access to the instructor, a community for creators, or a detailed education plan. People say I am practically giving this course away at this price,  but I want as many people as possible to get value out of TikTok. 

I am offering this 90 Day Bootcamp for the ridiculously low price of $495.

I can’t promise how long this price will remain Pre-Register

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