Visibility Bootcamp

Are you ready to find your Voice? Be Seen? Be Heard?


Are you TIRED of…

  • Not being SEEN or HEARD?
  • Your EXPERTISE not being VALUED more than KIDS playing Roblox
  • Feeling like you have to COMPROMISE your VALUES and dance half naked to grab ATTENTION
  • Saying the same things and wondering if ANYONE is LISTENING
  • TESTING and CREATING something new with nothing working
  • Playing into the TRENDS to stay RELEVANT


Why Visibility?

As a business owner in marketing and media, Michael understands the importance of visibility and has worked with hundreds of clients to help them tell their stories. It was through his visibility that came from sharing his story growing up that he found his purpose and realized the impact that he could make. But it’s so much more than that. Being visible was about letting the world see a man who was in the process of falling in love with himself maybe for the first time. For far too long, the do it because you were supposed to mentality was the rulebook for getting close to success but not quite enough to give Michael the fulfillment he had been searching for. The proverbial void that many feel but can’t always identify. 

By starting with learning how to be more visible it will allow you to start building your personal brand that you can build from and for your purpose, learn what your message is, and put it into practice in a way that delivers impact to others while providing you more opportunities for success.


What is included?

  • Weekly Access to our Live trainings with live Q&A’s to help you get through some of the speed bumps along the way
  • Access to a Private Facebook group made up of others who are also going through the program
  • Access to our on-going educational course that works through the visibility process
  • Michael’s TikTok Education Course covering everything you need to know to get started and growing on TikTok 
  • Content Prompts and Challenges 
  • Tips and Tricks for growing and finding success in personal branding
  • Member Portal
  • Additional training opportunities
  • First access to new services

Many similar courses go for $1200 and up for 30-day programs that don’t include direct access to the instructor, a community for creators, a detailed education plan, or a Social Media platform how to program. People say he is practically giving this course away at this price, but Michael wants as many people as possible to get value out of their Visibility.

Michael is offering this 90 Day Bootcamp for the ridiculously low price of $495 and he is throwing in his TikTok Education Program regularly a $249 course for Free.

Are you ready to find your purpose, increase your visibility and reach, and create more opportunities to build financial stability through your personal brand?

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